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Your trusted partner in pursuing higher education abroad and in India. At SVI, we specialize in facilitating educational opportunities in various fields, including MBBS, Engineering, Nursing, Biotechnology, BAMS, BHMS, BDS, and Pharmacy, ensuring that students achieve their academic and professional aspirations both internationally and domestically.

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Affordable integrated courses for NEET and JEE preparation. Personalized coaching tailored to individual needs. Access to renowned colleges in India and abroad through SVI Global. Transparent guidance and support, eliminating the need for costly consultants. - Now offering Next and USMLE coaching in a cost-efficient online mode.

World Class Trainers

World-class trainers are individuals who excel in their field, possess exceptional skills and knowledge, and are highly sought after for their expertise.

Easy Learning

Simplicity: Information is presented in a clear and straightforward manner, avoiding unnecessary complexity or jargon.


Pacing: Allowing learners to progress through the material at their own speed, whether that means faster or slower than a traditional timeline.

Affordable Price

Open Educational Resources (OER): Using freely accessible and openly licensed educational materials, including textbooks, videos, and other resources, can significantly reduce costs for learners.

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SVI Global Consultancy
SVI Global Consultancy
SVI Global Consultancy
SVI Global Consultancy
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SVI Global Consultancy
SVI Global Consultancy
SVI Global Consultancy
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Meeting an expert instructor can be a great way to gain valuable insights and knowledge in a particular subject or skill. Expert instructors are individuals who have a deep understanding and mastery of their field and are able to effectively communicate their expertise to others. They often have extensive experience, a track record of success, and a passion for teaching.


Hirmar Ubunti

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Marvin McKinney

Founder & CEO
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Junior Instructor
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SVI Global Consultancy
SVI Global Consultancy
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